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Thinking Out Loud


Someone once asked me advice in how to deal with heartache and the exact words I said were, “you have to loosen your grip a little.”

Isn’t it funny sometimes how the things you say to other people are really the things you sometimes need to hear for yourself?

Hello, Inactive Blog

So basically I’ve been living in a nutshell the past 8 months. Deactivating my instagram, facebook, and ignoring this blog to keep my peace. But really, a lot has happened the past few months that ultimately made me decide to update and keep this blog running.

I am taking my Master’s Degree in Business and I hate it. I ultimately hate it. The only thing I like about it is learning everything about it to keep me from being fooled by all the advertising and marketing shit that businessmen do to sell their shit. But anyway, it still never ceases to amaze me how people (including myself) still get caught up and still buy products with a 50/50 risk of it meeting and not at all meeting their expectations. But anyway, yeah, I hate business, but Im sticking to it because I have to. And yeah, I quit my job. I worked for a company that dealt with the major retailers in the US and it sucked, foremost because my first love has always been anatomy & physiology, second, because it stresses you out until the very inch of your core, and third, its boring (unless you think lying and fooling people below and above your business chain is exciting). So I quit my job, and now im at home 24/7 reviewing for my nursing boards, hoping to get a job, save up a ton of money, then study Medicine in UCLA/USC and become a surgeon.

That’s the plan for now. And yeah, I need to come up with $400,000 dollars for my tuition. That’s the shit.

You probably get the cue that I’ve been swearing a lot in this blog entry, that’s because Breaking Bad is the shit of all serotonin and endorphin producing shits I’ve ever done (besides my hun of course), but you get it.

So this is my shit for today. Hopefully I’ll write some shit tomorrow.

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and watch Breaking Bad.

Love you babe.



Emma Watson for GQ Magazine (May 2013)

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Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world.

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